The journey so far in in-vitro diagnostic testing, made me clear on the various attributes and challenges plaguing the Indian diagnostics sphere. Today, I run a company which is nationally and internationally recognized and acclaimed clinical testing laboratory, brand “Thyrocare”, where our patients are our highest priority, and providing affordable diagnostic testing by charging them the least- in the entire world is what we have always focused on. I have fairly understood that to be successful in any field, one has to focus. Focus raised our volumes and in turn our profitability, which now gave Thyrocare, the most enviable balance sheet for investors.

As the saying goes, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” The mid volume-mid value in-vitro testing did successfully well, which further tempted me to venture into low volume-high value in-vivo diagnostics, with a single-minded focus on Nuclear Medicine. Brand, Nueclear is seeded with a mission to provide low cost, affordable and accessible, Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Solutions to cancer patients throughout the country.

Concept - Business and Social Responsibility

Having extensively researched the business domain of Nuclear Medicine with investors, vendors, and consultants, I understood that there is no shortage of money or resources of machines and diagnostic solutions. In India, the cost of doing a Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is in many thousands and for such a vast population of 1.2 billion with numerous cases of cancers on a rise, early detection and management is a need of the hour. India is a country where majority of the population comprises of the poor and middle class, therefore these available expensive diagnostic services are not economical to all. There was a sheer need for changing the way Molecular Imaging was being made available to the Indian populace who were and are still elusive of the massive charges taken by laboratories and doctors for providing any higher-end imaging services. This clarity on the current status of molecular imaging services, prompted me to sign a 1000 Crore deal with GE Healthcare in 2011, which gave birth to Nueclear Healthcare Limited, a diagnostic imaging company powered by Thyrocare! Nueclear today, not only aids in diagnosis of cancers, but also in its staging, restaging, monitoring treatment efficacy and disease prognosis.

Mission : Now and Vision : Future!

As the first step towards expanding the reach of our mission of launching pan India ‘Networked Imaging Centers’, in 2013, our first PET-CT imaging center was launched in Mumbai, to provide FDG scans to cancer patients, followed by centers in Delhi and Hyderabad in 2014. Medical Cyclotron facility was also commissioned at our Mumbai’s center in 2014. In the coming years, we aim to establish a network of Medical Cyclotrons with PET-CT imaging centers across 16 major cities nationwide.

With Nueclear’s unique concept of network of franchisees, now cancer staging, restaging, and monitoring treatment response of patients is made simpler, easily accessible and affordable to doctors, hospitals or diagnostic centers, just by partnering with us. With costs of PET-CT, MRI and CT scans made available now in select cities affordable to the Indian middle class, catering to their healthcare needs, by 2020, I foresee that these costs would become half of what they are now.